Mixed feelings...

It's time to close this blog...in favor of simplicity.  An extra blog just for selling seems, well, extra.  So I'll have this last post as a redirect, and will from now on post at my main blog: http://jdconwell.blogspot.com
If you would like notices on new dolls available or on their way to Ebay or Etsy, I'll be happy to send them to you...just email me through the link. 

One last bit of news: Miss Juliet has found a new home. 

Hope you see you around!


Odessa is headed for Vermont.

I confess to a little jealousy.  I've always wanted to see Vermont--well, that whole area--in Autumn.  She'll get to live there year 'round, so she might have an adjustment this winter.  But off she goes, tomorrow morning.
Goodbye Miss Odessa.  You taught me a lesson I'll never forget.


Toppy is ready for a new home.

Toppy's on Etsy now...He's 19" tall, very skinny, and is not going to be on the Load Master's team, even though he trained all summer.  Poor Toppy.


Old World Santa...

Some fiddlin' around with Christmas things...not listed yet.

I love glitter.  I really do.

I'd love some snow, too...

Paper clay in a chocolate mold, about 4.5" tall.  (Sold.)

Old World Santa's never looked very jolly, did they?


Supplies for doll makers?

I have decided to carry a few supplies for doll makers on the Etsy site.  Mostly because I'm seeing evidence of doll maker visits, especially beginning artists.  I'd like to provide the kind of thing I was looking for when I began.  And (confession time) because it's a way to feed the supplies junkie hiding in my work room.

For now, I've listed walnut ink crystals...

Walnut Ink on Etsy
Later, I'll put paperclay up for adoption, in the 1 lb packages I buy wholesale.  They'll both come with instructional pages, tips and tricks I've picked up--if you've ever worked with paper clay, you'll know what I mean about the learning curve--and a plea to send me pictures of finished projects.  I'd love to feature other artists work here...it's great to see what creative minds come up with!

Hope your week is being a happy one. 


Avonel and Violet

Cloth and clay dolls with altered Dixie Redmond body patterns ( Violet is taller and longer-legged, Avonel is a little stubbier and less curvy) but I like how they turned out.  It just keeps amazing me how they turn into their own little selves...

Both are available in my JDConwell Etsy shop.





I took new photos of dolls I made last year...having only made dolls since January of 2010, I had some vastly uuuughly photography going on.  I've learned a lot since then, and so it was time to replace the bad stuff with good stuff. 

Apparently it worked, because one of the little witch dolls sold the same day, after being on Etsy a year.  But while I was at it, I listed a couple more witchy dolls, knowing full well it's too late in the season for Halloween listings.  One of these days I'll get my timing right.  :~)

This first one is new...just finished her, along with seven or eight other wooden dolls, last week. The little gourd art doll and the cloth one were from last year.  The captions link to Etsy listings for more info.

Gracie (sold)

Little Witch (sold)

Mean Green Josephine
Josephine is really not my typical style of doll, but I was farting around with making patterns and had SO much fun making a green plaid doll.  :~)
(She's not really mean, by the way.)

Hope your October is going exactly as you wish.