Slowly but surely...

This blog, and the dream it represents, is coming together.  Throughout the last several months, my goals and plans have begun to coalesce in a way that amazes me, after years of dabbling in what seemed like every art known to human kind...

It feels so good to see a direction, the culmination of so many skills learned, of so many arts loved and put aside.  Now I can put them all together, with a vision.

Melodrama is not my style, but for some reason, today maybe I can indulge a bit.  I can finally see it happening, though it's still a little fuzzy around the edges.
I can see it!


  1. OMG.
    This is a precious thing you are making Jan!
    I love the expression on her face. So sweet and full of tenderness.

  2. Thank you Patricia...you make me feel like I'm on the right track.

  3. Hey Jan! I like it... (not the Shabby Chic) but the dream! Follow it through and inspire us all! Daryle

  4. Thanks, Daryle. For some reason, since the other blog was the "First" it is also the "Primary" so this will simply have to be the sales blog where I post new dolls. That's cool...I like posting about lots of topics.

    YOU haven't been posting a lot lately (except for that fascinating artist on Friday) so...get to it! :~)

  5. Hi Jan,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    I love the soulful expression on this doll!
    Just beautiful!

    Stitch happy!
    Lori Ann

  6. Is your doll finished? I Haven't talked to you in a long time!

  7. Martha, which doll? :~P I've finished quite a few in the last couple of months!