Lucy and Leon are adopted, and Rue is now on Etsy.

I am so thrilled to know that Lucy has been adopted to go and live in Austin at a lovely lady's doll museum.  Lucy herself, of course, thinks this is only her due.  There's a lot of attitude in that teeny body.

Lucy (sold)

Leon is on his way to Long Beach, California.  He's a little nervous concerning his destination: will they have catfish there?
Leon (sold)

And little Rue is now up on Etsy as of this morning.

I'll be busy over the next little while getting a few more dolls made for the doll show in October...but as I have some wooden jointed peeps halfway finished, it will be no hardship.  In fact, I'm looking forward to the break from Adventures in Real Estate.  :~)
Cheers, y'all.


Cowboy Jimmy finds a home.

He's off to California!  I've been making him a Painted Pony stick horse, because he just seemed so sad not to have one.  There's a great lady in Santa Cruz who has decided she needs him to hang out at her house.  His new name will be Carl Chestnut Hawkins...isn't that the coolest cowboy name ever?  As soon as I finish Ol' Paint, they'll be on their way.  Godspeed, Jimmy/Carl.

Cowboy Carl? (sold)


The Greiner Girls

Meet Anna and Isabella.

Yes, I know.  They're completely not Greiner-like.  That was what I was aiming for, but ended up with more like German Papermache-like.  At any rate, I grew fond of them while making them and their clothes.  They're sisters, and as so often happens, one sister is sweet and the other is...less sweet.  Maybe aggressive is a better word.  Assertive?  She refused the plaid fabric her sister was so happy with, and yes, I'll be checking myself in later for psychiatric evaluation.

They're 21" tall and weigh almost three pounds each.  That's not a lot until you pick one up and muscle memory says "Holy Cow this is a heavy doll!"  Steel shot in their butts...glamorous, no, but they sit up well and the weight is viscerally satisfying on a tactile level.

They're made of muslin, w/ paperclay head/shoulders, (hand-sculpted, no mold) and their clothes are a combination of linen, cotton, and old lace.  They each wear a petticoat and bloomers under their gowns, and while Anna has a shawl, Isabella doesn't seem to want one.  She may get an umbrella or something later.  Maybe a bonnet?  For now, they'll stay as they are. 

I hope you like them.  They're not listed on Etsy, and may not be for a while, so if you'd like to purchase one, email me for details.