Avonel and Violet

Cloth and clay dolls with altered Dixie Redmond body patterns ( Violet is taller and longer-legged, Avonel is a little stubbier and less curvy) but I like how they turned out.  It just keeps amazing me how they turn into their own little selves...

Both are available in my JDConwell Etsy shop.





I took new photos of dolls I made last year...having only made dolls since January of 2010, I had some vastly uuuughly photography going on.  I've learned a lot since then, and so it was time to replace the bad stuff with good stuff. 

Apparently it worked, because one of the little witch dolls sold the same day, after being on Etsy a year.  But while I was at it, I listed a couple more witchy dolls, knowing full well it's too late in the season for Halloween listings.  One of these days I'll get my timing right.  :~)

This first one is new...just finished her, along with seven or eight other wooden dolls, last week. The little gourd art doll and the cloth one were from last year.  The captions link to Etsy listings for more info.

Gracie (sold)

Little Witch (sold)

Mean Green Josephine
Josephine is really not my typical style of doll, but I was farting around with making patterns and had SO much fun making a green plaid doll.  :~)
(She's not really mean, by the way.)

Hope your October is going exactly as you wish.


Harold the Landscaping Elf and Rue is adopted...

I've spent two days working hard to finish dolls for this coming weekend's show in Austin.  Having sold several, I don't really have as much of a "show" as I'd like to, so I need to get these guys DONE.

Here's the first of the ones I finished yesterday...his name is Harold, and while his dream is to work in Santa's toy shop some day, right now, he's just a gardener.  Tough gardening when so much is covered with snow, but he manages. 

In other news, Rue is off to Chicago...she has been adopted by a wonderful lady there.

Rue (sold)