Harold the Landscaping Elf and Rue is adopted...

I've spent two days working hard to finish dolls for this coming weekend's show in Austin.  Having sold several, I don't really have as much of a "show" as I'd like to, so I need to get these guys DONE.

Here's the first of the ones I finished yesterday...his name is Harold, and while his dream is to work in Santa's toy shop some day, right now, he's just a gardener.  Tough gardening when so much is covered with snow, but he manages. 

In other news, Rue is off to Chicago...she has been adopted by a wonderful lady there.

Rue (sold)


  1. Two dolls, so different, but equally delightful. Harold, Santa's gardener...who but our Jan would have thought of that?!!

  2. Ваши куклы великолепны!

  3. Had to stop by and visit after you entered my giveaway. What a talent you have for doll making. They are all beautiful but Leon stole my heart. lol