Supplies for doll makers?

I have decided to carry a few supplies for doll makers on the Etsy site.  Mostly because I'm seeing evidence of doll maker visits, especially beginning artists.  I'd like to provide the kind of thing I was looking for when I began.  And (confession time) because it's a way to feed the supplies junkie hiding in my work room.

For now, I've listed walnut ink crystals...

Walnut Ink on Etsy
Later, I'll put paperclay up for adoption, in the 1 lb packages I buy wholesale.  They'll both come with instructional pages, tips and tricks I've picked up--if you've ever worked with paper clay, you'll know what I mean about the learning curve--and a plea to send me pictures of finished projects.  I'd love to feature other artists work here...it's great to see what creative minds come up with!

Hope your week is being a happy one. 

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